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I am a Realtor® serving the Colorado counties of: Arpahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. I live for my family, and to work with real estate. I am also an avid cook, writer, and serve as a volunteer in my church and community. Professionally, I have a proficient understanding of technology, finance, real estate, and banking at many levels. I perform specialized service for distressed properties, and understand the variety of nuances between a diverse number of banks. I hold two BA degrees, and an MBA, in Global Management, and take many courses on economics, bank negotiation, and other topic in real estate.

Economics for the Normal Reader

Zumba and Economics – the Final Workout This is the last article in the series for all of us normal readers. It has been such a fun time looking up the information for these articles, and I hope they have … Continue reading

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Do You Have Defective Siding?

I have put this up n a few of my sites, only because it is important to know that there are several class action settlements from defective home siding and thee may entitle you to a variety of relief options.. … Continue reading

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Some Housecleaning

When you are setting up files, an office, website, business, kitchen, or most anything, you want things to go smoothly. You want the tools you use to work efficiently, and easily to make more hassles disappear. Yet somehow we all … Continue reading

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A Place to Call Home – How to Locate or Sell Yours

There are a number of places you can call home. One of the ways to know where you are in Denver is by zip code, looking for a landmark, like the University of Denver spire, or if you are lost … Continue reading

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You Can’t Call it a Ceiling If…

IF you raise the United States debt ceiling can you still say there is a ceiling? I would think not. When you increase the ceiling, you aren’t just remodeling the room, you are fundamentally weakening the structure, by creating a … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

2011 is now just mere hours away, and all of the preparations for it are about to materialize as midnight approaches, and the spectacle o fireworks, confetti and any other number of events involving cavorting and imbibing, among other things … Continue reading

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Short Lines from “That Realtor® Guy in Shorts!”

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, too. These pages are growing and as they are published will provide valuable tips on purchasing or selling real estate. Real estate is a passion for me. I … Continue reading

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Getting Set Up

Among the various things I have to do to run my business, I have to create spaces for people to find me, and the homes listed, or needs for housing that others have asked me to find. Setting up sites … Continue reading

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