About Short Lines



About Short Lines


This site is laid out in several topical pages to help you find
information as quickly as possible.


Pages containing links (underlined text) will take you to the
linked item by clicking the link. For instance, information on a
contractor will be listed on a vendor page. If you click on the
underlined vendor name, you will be taken to that vendor’s website.


The Index contains the alphabetic listing of all of the topical


Facebook and Twitter Users are not left out. I am on both.


As of September 19, 2010, link construction and page redesign is
underway. New content and a complete redesign of the information
contained on the site are in progress, and page testing should be
completed shortly.


Please visit often, though. As the pages come on line, there are
new graphics, and other elements that will make your visits here fun.


Best regards,