Some Housecleaning

How you want things to run...

When you are setting up files, an office, website, business, kitchen, or most anything, you want things to go smoothly. You want the tools you use to work efficiently, and easily to make more hassles disappear.

The net effect of hoarding and idle procrastiation

Yet somehow we all do it, and yours truly is no exception. Somehow, over the years we leave something out, lay something down, procrastinate for a while, and before you know it, we have hoarded and pack-ratted stuff away, and half the stuff we have kept we don’t use. This is just as true on the internet as it is in a closet or [Heaven forbid] my basement. We got this tool, or used that application ONCE, and didn’t like it but kept it. Repeated over years, and we now have a shelf full of software that is useless to us. We started blogging in one forum, but later-and-later-and-later… discovered that we liked the next blogging tool better. We Tweet, and Tweetdeck, and Peep, and push content to the Internet at an alarming rate; sometimes so much that we cause problems for Facebook, Twitter, and even Bing-the-Merciless. Ultimately we gather and peruse for a while, use a little and shelve and store archives worth of useless and inane material, made so through disuse. We also do it with paper. Ream-upon-ream of paper is stored in the name of document retrieval and archiving. Ultimately, the weight of these activities causes the house to ultimately collapse.  I am guilty of these crimes against myself, and they have caused enough disorganization and confusion. Now, I am at war with such waste, and find how overwhelmed by stuff I am. It’s like liking in Madame Blueberry’s domain in the Veggie Tales™ about Stuff-Mart. I have collected so much software, peripherals for computes, computers, monitors, manuals, books, tapes (yes cassette tapes), CDs, DVDs, and pamphlets which I have summarily piled stacked, stored sifted, stuffed and filed that in a recent donation to a charity, I filled a pickup and still had room to go, even after giving away a pickup load to Freecycle™. So, out come the work gloves and the bucket, mop, and broom. I got a scanner for the

Joe Nacchio's old Mop Bucket

big documents, and am digitizing all of my files, capturing them to a hard drive, and then, will make one backup of the data for my real estate and taxes offsite (stored on the cloud) and another backup on DVD of the records destined for destruction on a ten year cycle. I am committed to spending a few hours a week on this until the mountain has been reduced, and all of the piles are gone. After that, all I will have are my daily updated backups, and a weekly capture of the information to a DVD near me for long term archival. If it isn’t used for six months, whatever it is goes away. That will reduce my storage needs to 1/10 or less the volume it presently consumes.

I may post progress on this, later. For now, I have to roll up my sleeves and get more done.


About thatrealtorguyinshorts

I am a Realtor® serving the Colorado counties of: Arpahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. I live for my family, and to work with real estate. I am also an avid cook, writer, and serve as a volunteer in my church and community. Professionally, I have a proficient understanding of technology, finance, real estate, and banking at many levels. I perform specialized service for distressed properties, and understand the variety of nuances between a diverse number of banks. I hold two BA degrees, and an MBA, in Global Management, and take many courses on economics, bank negotiation, and other topic in real estate.
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