A Place to Call Home – How to Locate or Sell Yours

There are a number of places you can call home. One of the ways to know where you are in Denver is by zip code, looking for a landmark, like the University of Denver spire, or if you are lost downtown, looking for the Tabor Center, Boettcher Hall, the Convention Center, or the Qwest Building (the tallest building in Denver).

It also helps to know the neighborhoods, or subdivisions. Subdivisions are little islands. Navigating them is one way to chart a course to happiness in your new home. If you are selling, knowing the subdivisions around your can help you make the most of the sale of your home. With constant changes in market conditions, and the economy, having a Realtor® who understands how your neighborhood  fits in the larger areas around it and how to plan for the right buyer to look for.


About thatrealtorguyinshorts

I am a Realtor® serving the Colorado counties of: Arpahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. I live for my family, and to work with real estate. I am also an avid cook, writer, and serve as a volunteer in my church and community. Professionally, I have a proficient understanding of technology, finance, real estate, and banking at many levels. I perform specialized service for distressed properties, and understand the variety of nuances between a diverse number of banks. I hold two BA degrees, and an MBA, in Global Management, and take many courses on economics, bank negotiation, and other topic in real estate.
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