Happy New Year!

2011 is now just mere hours away, and all of the preparations for it are about to materialize as midnight approaches, and the spectacle o fireworks, confetti and any other number of events involving cavorting and imbibing, among other things will begin to commence the moment the sun sets.

Once the revelry is completed, the process of beginning in earnest of a new year will actually commence. I have to sounder what people will be thinking, this time around.

2010 culminated in a contentions election, which I must admit I was deeply engrossed in, and grossed out by. Changes in the political strata of the nation occurred, and some things pleased and others disgusted me. Needless to say, this is most likely something that occurred for anyone who voted.

We will have births and deaths, as happens each day. I just learned of the loss of a maternal relative who served as a Navy pilot during WWII, who saved lives by shooting a suicide bomber out of the sky. He also has an injury which would cause permanent damage to a leg. Another member of that family built and operated a hospital, which is now a nursing home, in Jacksonville, TX.

So, it is also a period for reflection and memories. It is a time to look back at the mistakes that were made, and resolve to learn from and not repeat them. It will be a time to hold our representatives in government accountable for obeying the Constitution.

It will also be a time to correct foolish things that have been done in the past. It will be a time to restore patriotism, and to remove government action and intervention in private business. It is time to realize that the government does not have the right to enter private enterprise.

It is a time for personal responsibility and accountability to be the rule and not the exception. We must use common sense in our behaviors, whether those behaviors are a part of business, or personal life. We cannot allow ourselves to become lazy and ask the government to think for us. It is already proven that the government will not act in our best interests.

And, there are the usual other things: lose weight, get in shape, do a better job of maintaining a budget, cleaning the basement, etc. Just remember that New Year’s resolutions are like golf swings… useless unless you keep your eye on the ball and follow through.



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I am a Realtor® serving the Colorado counties of: Arpahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. I live for my family, and to work with real estate. I am also an avid cook, writer, and serve as a volunteer in my church and community. Professionally, I have a proficient understanding of technology, finance, real estate, and banking at many levels. I perform specialized service for distressed properties, and understand the variety of nuances between a diverse number of banks. I hold two BA degrees, and an MBA, in Global Management, and take many courses on economics, bank negotiation, and other topic in real estate.
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