Short Lines from “That Realtor® Guy in Shorts!”

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate the opportunity to get to
know you, too. These pages are growing and as they are published will provide valuable tips on purchasing or selling real estate.

Real estate is a passion for me. I have often said that I cannot
transfuse, because of the loam in my veins, or, to steal a line from JK Rowling, I am a true mudblood.

I have a great team that you will get to know, and we and our
office pitch in to make sure our clients get the best efforts we can give. We want to make sure you get the best value no matter what the transaction is.

More will be added here, and there will be pages of tips,
resources, and information that will help you understand the most current trends and information, service providers, and contractors, and just great general tips to help make things go smooth and easy.

Please stop by, drop a line or contribute information as you feel

Thanks for stopping by often, as new treats have a way of ending up here.

All the best, in every way, every day,

Lou Farris, MBA, Realtor®
“That Realtor Guy In Shorts!”€     

It takes more than convention... It takes Passion and creativity.

That Realtor® Guy in Shorts!

3900 E Mexico Ave #1350
Denver CO 80210

720.255.7148 phone
866.306.4410 fax


About thatrealtorguyinshorts

I am a Realtor® serving the Colorado counties of: Arpahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. I live for my family, and to work with real estate. I am also an avid cook, writer, and serve as a volunteer in my church and community. Professionally, I have a proficient understanding of technology, finance, real estate, and banking at many levels. I perform specialized service for distressed properties, and understand the variety of nuances between a diverse number of banks. I hold two BA degrees, and an MBA, in Global Management, and take many courses on economics, bank negotiation, and other topic in real estate.
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